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How to Run a Sub 3 Hour Marathon or Boston Qualifier!

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Sam S
"Your articles and videos were very helpful. I trained for 10 months to run my first marathon (Portland, OR) and finished in 2:58"

Improved training and nutritional approach

"I just ran the Phoenix marathon in Feb ’17 and was shocked to come in at 3:08 with none of the cramping that plagued me at the end of New York (3:25). At my current age, that time will definitely get me into Boston in 2018! So excited, I never would have been able to do it had I not come across your training and dietary methods. Thanks again!" 

John K
James M

Improved my performance with Heart Rate Training

"Thank you for changing my life!! I have changed my diet and training completely. Your blog has been a great inspiration for aerobic Heart Rate Training using the 180 formula. I was able to finish strong and ran a 10 minute marathon PR of 3:23. This is only the beginning" 

About Flo

My name is Floris Gierman and I improved my marathon time from 4 hours 11 minutes to 2 hours 44 minutes at the Boston Marathon. On this site you'll learn everything about Running a Sub 3 Hour Marathon, Boston Qualifier or Marathon PR. You can find strategies and tips from best selling authors, ruckus makers, world class athletes and me. Over the past 4 years I've helped hundreds of runners around the world improve their training approach and racing strategies. Become a faster, healthier and happier runner by using these same Running Fundamentals, starting today.