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2019 Boston Marathon – Weather, Mindset and Strategy

By April 12, 2019April 14th, 2022No Comments

This coming Monday, the world’s oldest annual marathon is happening again in Boston. The excitement levels from many runners around me is getting very high again. Like most other years, the weather can still go in many different directions. Rain and wind are a good possibility and that’s ok. 

The countdown to the 123rd Boston Marathon in 2019
The countdown is on!

Weather is one of those things you simply can’t control. Reframe any negative thoughts about the weather. There are plenty of ways to crush your race, despite wind and rain. Keep a positive mind, run a smart race and team up with others running at similar pace. This can make a huge difference!

I ran the Boston Marathon in 2015 with 20-30 miles an hour headwind and rain. It’s still one of my favorite races I’ve ever ran. For those running Boston on Monday, you might find my Boston Marathon Strategy and Execution helpful

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