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80/20 Training to Race Faster, round 2, with Matt Fitzgerald and Ryan Whited | Extramilest Show #79

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“when you make that shift from getting out of the moderate intensity rut, but training the way the elites do, it unlocks performance.” – Matt Fitzgerald

“People get stuck on a pendulum between pain and injury. Try to get in the middle, like 80/20 you might say.” – Ryan Whited

Today a follow up conversation about 80/20 running, low heart rate training, high intensity running and pain management, with Matt Fitzgerald and Ryan Whited.

Matt and Ryan coauthored a new book titled – Pain and Performance, with several eye opening learnings and takeaways.

Ryan Whited is a personal trainer, an elite climber, and the founder of Paragon Athletics, a gym that empowers athletes with sport-specific strength and conditioning to complement their performance goals. His passion for working with athletes and investigating the nature of bio- mechanics and human performance is the basis for Paragon’s innovative Training as Treatment program.

Paragon has become a destination for both novice and elite athletes who find themselves sidelined by chronic pain or injury. As a specialist in pain science and physiology, Ryan uses his experience and expertise to help his clients avoid surgery, reduce or eliminate pain, and return to their sports better equipped for the demands required of them.

Ryan lives and trains in Flagstaff, Arizona, with his wife, Betsy, and son, Lane.

Matt Fitzgerald is an acclaimed endurance sports author, coach, and nutritionist. His many books include The Comeback Quotient80/20 Running, and On Pace. Matt has also written for several leading sports and fitness publications, including Runner’s World and Triathlete, and for popular websites such as outsideonline.com and nbcnews.com.

Matt is a co-founder of 80/20 Endurance, the world’s premier endurance sports training brand, and the creator of Dream Run Camp, a pro-style residential training camp for runners of all abilities based in Flagstaff. He also co-directs the Coaches of Color Initiative, a nonprofit program that seeks to improve diversity in endurance coaching.

A lifelong endurance athlete, Matt speaks frequently at events throughout the United States and internationally.

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Hope you enjoy this episode with Ryan and Matt.

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Show Notes:

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 04:17 Welcome Matt and Ryan!
  • 05:10 The fundamental principles of 80/20 running (Matt)
  • 08:21 The challenge of slowing down training pace (Matt)
  • 13:04 Zero-high-intensity vs. 80/20 training (Matt)
  • 15:39 Active strategies for managing pain in training (Ryan)
  • 18:40 Running and recovery, the dance with pain! (Matt)
  • 21:37 Pain education in the Sports Med curriculum (Ryan)
  • 22:06 Floris’ Berlin Marathon calf issue: rest vs. active preparation (Ryan)
  • 24:47 Pain is mercurial, 50-mile race story (Matt)
  • 28:51 Pain and damage are not necessarily equal (Ryan)
  • 29:06 Floris’ “Back story” how pain can surprise you and bias confirmed (Ryan)
  • 31:51 Discomfort on raceday and mindset (Ryan and Matt)
  • 35:10 High-intesity training: 100% vs. 90% (Floris)
  • 36:40 Placebo and Nocebo effect (Ryan)
  • 37:25 Trackable devices, psycho-social effect of data (Floris and Ryan)
  • 38:10 How we label ourselves and our injuries (Ryan and Matt)
  • 43:28 The expectation of pain (Matt)
  • 44:36 Practice bouncing back, with community (Ryan)
  • 45:55 Contributory lifestyle and belief factors to pain (Floris and Ryan)
  • 47:33 How biopsycho-social and mindset factors could influence physical outcomes (Matt) 50:54 Smiling in the pain cave, mantras (Ryan and Matt)
  • 53:08 Find out about Ryan and Matt’s book, and them! https://amzn.to/474hTmK
  • 54:55 Closing thoughts
  • 56:44 Outro

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