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9 running mistakes to avoid, with coach Amelia Vrabel and coach Ben Edusei | Extramilest Show #76

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9 common running mistakes

Over the past 15 years I have made a lot of mistakes in my running journey, both in training and on race days.

We can learn and grow so much from our mistakes, when we pay close attention. Journaling can be a powerful tool here. Writing down what was our plan (if we had any), what happened and what would I do differently next time. This simple act will make you a better athlete over time.

Recently I recorded an important conversation with 2 coaches from our Personal Best running coaching program, Amelia Vrabel from Colorado and Ben Edusei from New Zealand. We discuss common and uncommon mistakes we have seen runners of all levels make, from beginner to advanced. Some are obvious, some much less obvious.

More info about the 3 speakers:

Amelia Vrabel is a Master Certified instructor at ChiRunning / ChiWalking. She has trained and worked with Danny Dreyer, Founder of ChiRunning/Chi Walking. Amelia is also an experience endurance athlete with more than 25 years of race experience.

Ben Edusei is a mobility, strength, conditioning and running coach. He has a degree in Sports Science, is a qualified plant based Nutritionist and he is the founder of Zone Blue Run Club in Wellington | New Zealand.

Floris Gierman is an RRCA certified running coach, endurance athlete, podcast host of The Extramilest Show and founder of The Personal Best Program.

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Hope you enjoy this episode with Amelia Vrabel and Ben Edusei.

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Find out more about Amelia here:

Find out more about Ben here:

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Show Notes:

• 0:00 Intro
• 4:24 Welcome Ben and Amelia!
• 5:09 Amelia: How easy is your easy running?
• 7:33 Ben: prioritising running with physical and mental well-being.
• 11:05 Amelia: On the struggle bus? Get off the bus!
• 13:17 Low heart rate training, training volume and speedwork.
• 19:40 Amelia: Social media and ego.
• 21:57 Ben: The MAF test as a measurable counter to the ego.
• 23:11 Floris & Ben: The comparison trap and the inner critic.
• 26:01 Ben: Making recovery your priority.
• 27:36 Amelia: Framing how health foundations affect running.
• 28:28 Floris: Sleep and training volume.
• 30:41 Amelia: A running diet for success.
• 33:06 The physical effects of digital behaviour, being present.
• 38:30 The day you stop racing, is the day you win the race.
• 43:45 Implementing strength and mobility as a habit. Your Why.
• 53:37 When race day doesn’t go according to plan.
• 1:08:05 Amelia: Closing thoughts.
• 1:09:23 Ben: Closing thoughts.
• 1:10:03 Floris: Learning, journaling and mindset.
• 1:12:08 The power of community.
• 1:13:13 Find out more about Ben and Amelia.
• 1:14:33 Outro

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