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Biggest Running Aha Moment Of His Life (Not What You Think!)

By February 27, 2023July 17th, 2023No Comments
scott warr on extramilest

How we see ourselves in running and in daily life, can make a BIG difference in our desired outcome.

Scott Warr from Trail Runner Nation never saw himself as a runner, because he doesn’t have a runner’s body. He felt like an imposture.

After internalizing that principle from the book Atomic Habits, things changed for him!  

In this new video with Scott and Don from Trail Runner Nation, we talk about this in more detail.

Our inner dialog can play a huge role in our success and failure.

Tell yourself you can not do something and it probably won’t happen.

Yet it works the other way around as well.

Tell yourself you can do something and your chances to succeed significantly increase.

During the later stages of a race, I use a self talk of “I got this”.   

My friend Coach Jimmy Dean uses a mantra of “I can, I will”

Tell this to yourself over and over:
“I can, I will”
“I got this”
“I can, I will”
“I got this”

Sure enough you will dig deeper into discomfort if needed.

CLICK HERE to watch this new video


It has been exciting to read the positive stories and updates from PB program members around the world. Here are a few recent ones.

More info about our running coaching program can be found at PBprogram.com.

Have fun out there on your runs!


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