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Dr. Stephen Seiler on 80/20 Training | Extramilest Show #50

By December 23, 2021May 20th, 2023No Comments
Stephen Seiler on 80 / 20 Training to Race Faster

“You don’t have to go that hard every day in training with the high intensity sessions. You’re building the cake, but racing is eating the cake. You have to balance that. If you eat the cake too much, then you’re going to be in trouble…” – Stephen Seiler PhD

Dr. Stephen Seiler (Twitter) is a well known Exercise Physiologist, located in Norway. You might have heard of the 80/20 rule of endurance training, meaning performing 80% of your workouts at a low intensity and 20% at a higher intensity. 

Professor Stephen Seiler has studied the training habits of many world class endurance athletes and discovered the 80/20 Rule that also applies to endurance training. This has been a remarkable counter intuitive trend, however this polarized approach is now widely accepted by coaches and athletes around the world.

In Extramilest Show #50, we discuss:
► How recreational endurance athletes can improve their performance
► Optimizing your energy levels for high performance
► Intensity discipline vs ego
► The right type of motivation to perform well long term
► What leads to the greatest performance for any runner?

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I hope you enjoy my conversation with Dr Stephen Seiler. 

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FindStephen Seiler here:

Show notes Stephen Seiler:

  • 0:00 intro Danny
  • 3:55 Danny’s running background
  • 6:18 His first marathon in 2008 at age 18
  • 10:25 Pilot training, minimal running
  • 11:55 3rd marathon, still bonking bad
  • 14:10 MAF training experience
  • 15:25 Chi-Running
  • 19:05 Overcoming challenges MAF training
  • 23:05 Changes in nutrition approach
  • 28:00 His first sub 3 marathon goal mindset
  • 31:25 Speedwork after base building
  • 34:25 From 3:38 to 3:08 marathon improvement
  • 36.30 Mindset limiting factor
  • 37:20 From 3:08 to 2:34 marathon improvement
  • 37:55 Training volume
  • 40:55 Tapering for the big Rotterdam dam
  • 43:25 Race day recap
  • 52:05 Any concerns about blowing up?
  • 54:05 The feeling of finishing in 2:34, a 34 minute PB
  • 56:05 Energy management throughout a race
  • 58:55 Nasal breathing 
  • 1:01:35 Importance of thinking big
  • 1:05:53 Recommendations to improve  

I’d love to hear from you, what was your favorite lesson, quote or takeaway. Please let me know in the comments. 

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