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Hydration Strategies, Dehydration and Cramping with Andy Blow | Extramilest Show 43

By December 23, 2020May 20th, 2023No Comments
Andy Blow Precision Hydration running on a trail

If you’re doing stuff which is longer, if you’re doing stuff which is hotter, you need to understand your physiology in order to get things really right for you and invest the time in that investigation, to get the best out of yourself.” Andy Blow

Andy Blow (IG|FB|TW) is a leading figure in the world of sports hydration. He is a sports scientist and an expert in sweat, dehydration and cramping.

In his younger days he was an elite level triathlete and winner of an Xterra World title. Through his own challenges in training and racing he went down the rabbit hole of sports hydration. Andy is the co-founder of Precision Hydration, a company focused on a unique, personalized hydration solutions.

Andy previously worked as the Team Sports Scientist for the Benetton and Renault Formula 1 teams and is an adviser to the Porsche Human Performance Centre.

In this episode, we take a deep dive into hydration, sweat rates, effective ways to help athletes understand and manage their individual hydration needs and much more.

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Reaching your goals also comes down to specific race strategies, mindset, nutrition, stress management and more. This was what our programs are all about. 

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Especially in these uncertain race times, these flexible training schedules are a great solution to easy adjust your plans and feel in control of your training. 

Hope you enjoy this conversation with Andy!

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Show notes:

  • how Andy got into the world of hydration [03:41]
  • sweating light or heavy, fluid or electrolyte loss? Blood salt level and cardiovascular drift. [09:48]
  • hydration plan – the ‘guard rail’ [14:23]
  • Andy’s professional journey and key learnings Education first! [17:51]
  • sweat test, data collection, trial and error [21:14]
  • race day hydration strategy [30:52]
  • hydration in colder weather [39:24]
  • fasted runs and hydration [42:15]
  • hyponatremia [44:18]
  • everyday hydration [47:14]
  • water quality [52:05]
  • product sodium levels, for sport and in daily life [55:24]
  • finding out more about Andy and Precision Hydration [01:01:58]
  • the differences between individuals. Investigating your physiology. [01:02:59]
  • closing thoughts and recommendations [01:03:59]

You can find me, Floris Gierman, here: 



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