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How John Achieved a Sub-3:30 Marathon | Extramilest Show #85

By July 3, 2024No Comments
From 3:51 to 3:24 marathon at age 55. John Birtchet

“Just be happy with yourself. Be happy with the journey you’re on. Nobody is looking at you, nobody really cares about what your Strava time is. The most important person that you’re running for is the person that you look in the mirror. Just be honest with yourself and love the journey you’re on.” – John Birtchet-Sharpe

John Birtchet-Sharpe is a 55 year old runner and member of our Personal Best Running Coaching Program. Over the past 5 years he has improved from being overweight and out of shape, to running personal best times of 20 minutes and even qualifying for the Boston Marathon.

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Hope you enjoy this episode with John.

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Show Notes:

  • 00:00 The most important mindset to improve
  • 02:58 John’s transition from cycling to running
  • 13:04 Psychological aspects of running
  • 16:44 Introduction to low heart rate training and the MAF method
  • 26:43 Importance of community and support
  • 32:51 Improvements and achievements in marathons using the MAF method
  • 36:16 Managing heart rate zones and different training approaches
  • 38:52 Advice for new runners
  • 41:23 Balancing training with life and work
  • 47:30 Boston Marathon preparation
  • 52:41 Humility and community
  • 56:51 Importance of sleep and recovery
  • 59:03 Value of consistency in training and setting realistic goals
  • 1:02:02 Adjusting volume and intensity
  • 1:05:27 Closing thoughts on running and enjoying the journey

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