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How To Crush MAF Low Heart Rate Training with Scott Frye | Extramilest Show #81

By April 28, 2024No Comments

“Give yourself a lot of grace, don’t expect it to come immediately. This is worth working for, this is worth enduring. At first, it’s going to be mental. Once you get on the other side of that mental struggle, it opens up a whole new world.” – Scott Frye

Scott Frye is a Board Certified Athletic Trainer and Corrective Exercise Specialist. He is also a coach and community manager in our Personal Best Program

In this conversation, we discuss 

  • Lessons learned from low heart rate training
    • Common mistakes athletes make in training and racing
    • Advice to non elite athletes looking to improve. 

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Hope you enjoy this episode with Scott.

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Show Notes:

  • 00:00 Mindset to succeed with MAF low heart rate training
  • 02:29 Scott’s running background and first marathon: “never again!”
  • 05:03 Running journey, injury and finding MAF.
  • 09:21 Frustrations starting out with low heart rate training.
  • 12:28 Improvements, with cold therapy, nutrition, sleep and meditation.
  • 16:11 Coaching experience; pace mentality, base-building, finding joy in running.
  • 21:52 Breakthroughs with low heart rate training.
  • 27:06 Misconceptions about adapting to aerobic fitness.
  • 29:25 Balancing speedwork and Zone 2 training.
  • 32:12 Boston Marathon 2024 experience and the training cycle.
  • 45:25 Recovery tools and techniques.
  • 48:07 Key considerations to ageing and longevity.
  • 51:27 Further thoughts on nutrition.
  • 54:31 Training and racing goals for Scott.
  • 56:01 Find out more about Scott.
  • 56:56 Closing thoughts.
  • 59:18 Outro

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