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How to Improve as a Runner, 4:53 to 3:33 Marathon at age 63, with Andrea Hudson | Extramilest Show #57

By December 15, 2022May 20th, 2023No Comments
Andrea Hudson Running a Marathon

“Look at the non-running things. Is your diet working for you? Try to minimize your stress. Your runs should be enjoyable.” – Andrea Hudson

Andrea Hudson is a 63 year old runner and family nurse practitioner. In this interview we discuss how she was able to bring her marathon times down from close to 5 hours to a new PB of 3:33, at the 2022 Berlin Marathon.

Andrea has been a member of our Personal Best running coaching program, since 2020. To find out more about our running coaching program, go to pbprogram.com

Earlier this year she also started working with an additional coach, John Goldthorp.

I hope you enjoy my conversation with Andrea Hudson.

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Show notes Andrea Hudson:

    • 00:00 Andrea and Floris intros
    • 02:45 Group running
    • 04:58 Andrea’s running journey
    • 14:35 Low heart rate training and race improvements
    • 19:52 Marathon Majors and training cycle going in
    • 26:52 Race day strategy: Berlin Marathon
    • 29:59 Sickness on race day! (London Marathon)
    • 36:10 When it gets tough in the marathon
    • 37:29 Mistakes runners make
    • 38:11 Adventures in CGM’s (Continuous Glucose Monitor) and how we eat
    • 41:48 Recommendations for starting out with low heart rate training
    • 43:49 Reducing stress, visualisation, embracing the weather
    • 47:13 Recovery, brutal foot massage
    • 51:01 What’s next? Goals!
    • 55:18 Closing thoughts
    • 56:58 Outro Floris

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