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How to Race Fast and Reach Big Goals

By February 1, 2020May 20th, 2023No Comments
Julianne Dickerson running fast at CIM marathon

Last year Julianne Dickerson set a BIG GOAL to run her first Sub 3 Hour Marathon. Most athletes running Sub 3, will make it “just” under 3 hours in 2:59, or maybe a few minutes faster. At the recent CIM marathon, she skipped the entire 2:50’s and finished in an impressive 2:49!

In our conversation Julianne shares many great insights that you can apply directly to your own training, racing and life. We talk in detail about:

  • running in Alaska
  • how she sets and accomplishes big goals
  • mindset strategies to overcome challenges
  • heart rate training
  • her MAF progress
  • journaling details and much more

Julianna is part of the Marathon PR Program, a holistic approach to marathon training, running smarter, not harder. More info can be found at extramilest.com/marathon

I hope enjoy my conversation with Julianne Dickerson

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Show notes:

  • Julianne’s background in running [3:00]
  • Running in Anchorage, Alaska [8:50]
  • Treadmill walking at 30% [13:00]
  • Summer training and racing in Alaska [15:00]
  • Some of Julianne’s favorite workouts [22:00]
  • Her CIM marathon race week experience [28:00]
  • Racing by heart rate [33:20]
  • How to get through tough spots in unknown terrain in races [36:10]
  • Setting big goals [44:00]
  • Julianne’s race day nutrition [50:00]
  • Importance of consistency, volume and low intensity training [51:45]
  • How Julianne goes about note taking [54:50]
  • Recommendations Julianne would give herself as a younger runner looking to improve [1:10:50]
  • How Chi Running has helped Julianne’s running [1:13:25]
  • The 3 types of people you need in your life [1:18:45]

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