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Kate Martini Freeman, an incredible running transformation | Extramilest Show #62

By March 31, 2023July 11th, 2023No Comments
Kate Martini Freeman running on the beach

Kate Martini Freeman improved from a 4:59 marathon to a 2:58 marathon. She is an endurance athlete, running coach & mother. Kate and her husband Jimmy coached me when I started running and I’ve learned a lot from her.

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Enjoy my conversation with Kate. 

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Show notes Kate Martini Freeman interview:

    • 00:00:00 Push it, keep trying!
    • 00:02:45 Sponsors: LMNT, HVMN
    • 00:05:15 Kate’s backround as a runner, how it all started for her
    • 00:07:59 Her first marathon at Kona, Hawaii 2002
    • 00:12:07 From 4:59 marathon to BQ and Sub 3
    • 00:14:08 Her first experience cheering on at the Boston Marathon
    • 00:16:04 Kate’s thoughts on pace, strength training, hills, trails, etc
    • 00:18:34 Bringing road athletes to the trails
    • 00:19:28 Common mistakes are by athletes [16:35]
    • 00:22:52 How Kate deals with the tough spots in a race
    • 00:29:37 How to deal with running injuries
    • 00:37:04 How to deal with colds and illnesses during training
    • 00:39:34 Similarities among successful athletes
    • 00:42:14 Differences in training for younger and older athletes
    • 00:45:28 Differences in training and racing for women and men?
    • 00:47:14 Training and racing strategies
    • 00:49:14 Setting big goals and why Kate performed standup comedy
    • 00:54:24 Dealing with motivation to workout
    • 00:57:14 What recommendation would Kate give a younger version of herself
    • 00:59:12 Any closing thoughts for athletes looking for to improve further
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