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Kilian Jornet, Round 3!

By February 2, 2023July 18th, 2023No Comments

Hello all! Yesterday I hosted a special COROS livestream with Kilian Jornet (greatest mountain and ultra runner of all time) and Lewis Wu (CEO and co-founder of COROS).

We had a blast, although there were a few tech issues. Here is a clean video replay.

Below are several graphics that share more insights about Kilian’s approach to training intensity, heart rate, testing progress in training and more.

Kilian does a lot of low intensity training. In the last 6 months, Kilian trained about 80% in Zone 1 and 2, so at relative low Heart rate. 15% Zone 3 and only 5% in zone 4 + 5 combined.

Base fitness in the COROS Training Hub is measured as training load over the past 42 days. Kilian’s Base Fitness level is higher now in January 2023 than before he won UTMB in August 2022. This is promising for his 2023 high altitude expeditions + race plans.

Here is a breakdown of a 4 hour 43 minute Ski Touring session, starting out mellow in the first sessions, building up the intensity as the hill repeats progress. Letting the heart rate come down nicely on the downhills.

Every Sunday Kilian does a treadmill test to measure his progress in training. He does this on a treadmill in controlled environment, gradually increasing the grade flat, 5%, 10%, 15% etc. He measures pace, heart rate, HRV, blood oxygen levels, blood lactate levels, body temperature and more.

Kilian worked with COROS to develop Effort Pace, based every athlete individually. Some athletes climb hills more efficiently. This is taken into account with individualized effort pace.

Kilian is such a beast with his approach to training, racing and expeditions! Loved taking a closer look at his training data and advice for runners looking to improve.

Click here to watch the full YouTube video, or short cut to the topics below:
0:00 Intro
3:41 Recap 2022 Training Kilian
5:49 2023 Plans Kilian Expeditions & Races
8:10 Update from COROS 2022
12:29 Challenges for COROS as a growing brand
13:27 Product testing
14:56 Kilian’s watch settings in training & racing
16:37 Kilian on setting yourself up for training success
18:37 APEX 2 Pro Kilian Jornet Edition intro
21:49 Kilian’s experience with the APEX 2 PRO
23:21 APEX 2 Pro Kilian Jornet Edition unboxing
26:06 Kilian talks about his watch
28:02 Kilian’s training data
29:17 How Kilian uses base fitness level in training
31:00 How Kilian adds high training load
31:58 Example Kilian workout Z1 to Threshold
33:57 Kilian’s heart rate data Z1 to Z5
35:48 How Kilian measures weekly progress
37:35 How Kilian helped develop Effort Pace
41:14 Get coached by Kilian Jornet
45:44 Kilian’s advice for beginner runnings to improve
47:40 Kilian’s favorite place to train
48:46 Kilian’s thoughts on altitude training
49:25 Important change in Kilian’s training as he ages
50:47 Kilian’s thoughts on sleep, training load, nutrition & stress.
52:28 Closing thoughts Lewis and Floris

Have fun out there on your runs!

Floris Gierman
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