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Lessons From 60+ Years of Running with Walter Liniger | Extramilest Show #44

By December 27, 2020May 20th, 20232 Comments
Walter Liniger Extramilest Show

Walter Liniger, 69 years young, is a strong runner from Switzerland. He has done a lot of training and racing over the years (Strava). 

He ran his first race at age 7, in 1978 his first marathon was in 2:46. His PR in 1988 in Basel was a 2:38. For many years he trained mostly at a high intensity, often out of the door and … full throttle.

In his late sixties he wanted to find a different approach to training and racing. He discovered the approach of MAF training. 

His goals changed now not to chase the fastest times but to finish a race in healthy conditions and enjoying the journey. 

About a year and a half ago Walter joined the Marathon PR Program to get practical information, advice and guidance with a holistic approach to training and racing. 

It has been exciting to follow Walter’s running journey on his Strava. He is a big inspiration to me and many others in the program. Recently he ran his first Ultra of 100km at the age of 68. We discuss his running journey and things he has learned along the way. 

If you’d like to find out more about our running coaching programs, check extramilest.com/training

Hope you enjoy this conversation with Walter!

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Show notes:

  • Walter is an example for Floris / Walter’s running background [03:30]
  • transition to marathon running, via the Swiss Army Weapon Run! [09:33]
  • evolution from full-throttle to MAF low heart rate training, to ultra-marathon! [15:00]
  • starting MAF training at 68 years old [25:50]
  • 100K race strategy and experience. Overcoming a pain barrier. [26:24]
  • mindset, imagination and looking at what we’re doing [42:54]
  • finishing 100K, long-distance running mindset [46:10]
  • MAF training; making adjustments, age and improvement. [49:50]
  • suggestions and observations for those starting out with MAF training. [58:25]
  • the why! [01:03:40]
  • more takeaways and tips: slowing down, nutrition and energy [01:08:34]
  • find out more about Walter (see Links above) [01:12:22]
  • being part of the Marathon PR Program community [01:13:18]

You can find me, Floris Gierman, here: 




  • Wow, top experience, kudos to you. Thanks for sharing!

  • Helen Brunner says:

    Amazing listening to this. I have photos of my Dad in his full Swiss army gear doing those Waffen runs – pack, rifle, army boots and all!!! Amazing to hear someone talk about their experiences during it. I don’t remember Dad ever really talking about it. I use those photos to inspire me now 🙂

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