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Lessons from My Longest Run Ever

By June 26, 2024July 1st, 2024No Comments
My First 100 Mile Run

10 years ago today, I left my house in Long Beach at 2am to run 100 miles to San Diego. 17 hours 45 minutes later I took the train back home. It was an epic adventure with plenty of highs and lows.

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Lesson 1: Pace Yourself, Slow Down!
Starting too fast in an endurance run can surely lead to a proper blow up. I learned this the hard way as do many other runners. My initial intensity was too high, and the second half of the race took me significantly longer. Conserving energy early on can save you time and energy later.

Lesson 2: Sugar and Caffeine Can Bring You Back Alive!
Proper nutrition and hydration are crucial in ultra running. I experienced a drastic drop in energy when I neglected my gel intake. Coke, skittles, Red Bull and coffee brought me back alive.

Lesson 3: You Can Achieve the Unachievable
A few years ago, I never imagined running more than a marathon. I gradually increased my distance, eventually going for 100 miles. Realize you can accomplish more than you think with long term vision, patience and consistency. Whenever in doubt, zoom out your time horizon.

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