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London Marathon 2024 | My 6th Star Marathon Major

By April 26, 2024One Comment

In this video I share 10 lessons learned from running 6 World Marathon Majors. Recorded while running the London Marathon 2024 with a GoPro. Strava from this run, here.

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  • 0:00 Start of the London Marathon 2024
  • 1:14 Know the course…
  • 2:36 More pace accuracy with a foot pod
  • 3:09 How to nail your marathon pacing
  • 4:27 Common nutrition mistakes on race day
  • 4:46 Half way point, 13.1 miles / 21.1km
  • 5:18 How to crush a water station
  • 5:35 Kofuzi in the house
  • 5:50 How I fuel with gels and salt pills
  • 7:45 How to run in the moment, run relaxed
  • 8:49 These mantras help you finish strong
  • 9:46 Strava stats and mile splits
  • 10:31 Getting my 6 Star Medal
  • 11:01 Post race recap
  • 12:21 My race day shoes, gear and nutrition
  • 12:35 Thoughts on pacing, cramping and bonking
  • 13:32 How I trained for the London Marathon
  • 13:56 Shakeout run with Shervin Shares and PATH projects
  • 14:07 Personal Best running coaching program
  • 14:33 How much I fuel on race day
  • 14:53 How to carry your race fuel handsfree



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