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Low Heart Rate Training Guide 2023

By June 20, 2023July 17th, 2023One Comment
floris gierman low heart rate guide 2023

Low heart rate training can work well for athletes of all levels and ages, from beginners to advanced.

I created a Low Heart Rate Training Guide with a ton of info. I hope you find it helpful (click HERE to watch the full video).

Some of the topics covered:

  • 1:32: what is low heart rate training?
  • 4:22 how to calculate your low heart rate intensity?
  • 11:10 how to start running with low HR?
  • 11:55 what to expect from low HR training?
  • 15:40 common factors that can block your progress
  • 17:10 how much training volume is right for you?
  • 22:03 training guidelines
  • 23:26 what progress to expect with low HR training?
  • 26:53 when and how to add speedwork?
  • 28:43 examples of high intensity workouts
  • 30:01 my favorite breathing technique to lower your HR

CLICK HERE to watch this new full length video on YouTube, this one was a beast of a project to put together. The video also comes with a 17 page PDF Guide to download.

► Watch the interview on YouTube.

► Or listen on Apple PodcastSpotify and Stitcher or your other favorite podcast platform.

Have fun out there on your runs!

Floris Gierman
PBprogram.com / PATHprojects.com
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One Comment

  • Ken Wakita says:

    Last evening, as usual, I started running with your latest episode playing. Shortly after, I realized this was the YouTubu that shocked me a month ago and got me started on MAF. The podcast version is great too. I could hear your footsteps throughout and naturally synchronized my cadence through the headset. Isn’t it wonderful that I, a beginner in running, can run 30 minutes with a sub-3 pace runner?

    I was able to listen to the tips you explained and try them out. The breathing method was good. It actually reduced my heart rate a bit. When my heart rate goes up, I will remember and try to control my breathing.

    The video was great, but it was also very good to be able to listen to the explanations and try them out on the spot. I look forward to future podcasts.

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