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Low Heart Rate Training, The Right Way

By May 31, 2024No Comments
The Extramilest Blog

Recently, I reached a milestone of over 10 million combined downloads and views on my Extramilest podcast and @FlorisGierman YouTube channel.

This made me reflect on the key lessons, takeaways, and quotes from a decade of interviewing a diverse range of guests.

One conversation that particularly stood out was with Dr. Stephen Seiler. He shared:

“You don’t have to go hard every day in training with high-intensity sessions. You’re building the cake, but racing is eating. You gotta balance that; if you eat the cake too much, then you’re gonna be in trouble.”

“It’s been given different names like polarized and 80/20 and things like that. But the fundamental commonality, the most consistent thing you see, is that most of the training of the best performers, regardless of the endurance sport, if their event lasts four or five minutes or longer all the way out to hours and hours, they’re training fairly similarly. And most of their training intensity is, in physiological terms, below that first lactate turn point. In everyday language, you would say they’re training at what is, for them, a fairly easy talking pace and fairly comfortable. But they’re doing it sometimes for a long time. It is highly adaptive; it generates adaptations in the heart and musculature. You don’t have to go full bore, full speed to get those adaptations. Now, they do some high-intensity work too; there’s more variability.” – Dr. Stephen S

This conversation has 308 comments on YouTube with a great list of lessons from athletes around the world.

Watch Extramilest Show 50 with Dr Seiler here.

Wall Street Journal Article.

I was recently featured in The Wall Street Journal discussing morning routines. One shift in my perspective has been recognizing the importance of flexibility in these routines. You can find more details in the article below.

In case you missed it:

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