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MAF Training and Longevity with Ben Edusei | Extramilest Show #46

By July 26, 2021April 14th, 20222 Comments
Ben Edusei MAF training, runner and coach in New Zealand

“There’s no such thing as perfect in my eyes. If anything, the word is just a disaster waiting to happen. It’s making sure that the majority of the time, you’re pushing yourself in the right direction and able to feel better.” Ben Edusei

Ben Edusei (IG / Strava / YT) is a mobility, Strength & Conditioning and running coach. He has a degree in Sports Science, is a qualified plant-based Nutritionist and also coaches in epigenetics.

Ben is also one of our coaches in our Personal Best Training Program, where he has created several follow along workout routines.

He is a father, ex-elite footballer, speaker and a strong runner, with a half marathon PB of 1:27 so far.

I had a blast catching up and recording our conversation. I hope you enjoy this as well. 

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Show notes:

  • How Ben got into running, background in football (soccer) [03:10]
  • Transition from higher intensity training and away from injury, a personal turning point [08:32]
  • Finding new training approaches [12:05]
  • Integrating mobility (strength and flexibility) training into coaching [14:30]
  • Archetypal positions, incorporating movements into daily life [19:01]
  • First experiences with MAF low heart rate training [23:21]
  • Running below MAF, taking to the trails! [29:04]
  • Elevation gain, physical benefits to hill training [35:07]
  • Frustrations in MAF training, looking at lifestyle factors [36:22]
  • Floris and Ben talk about stress management [39:22]
  • Knees over toes and backwards walking and running [44:10]
  • Add a sled! Resistance [51:29]
  • Epigenetic profile testing [53:49]
  • Protein [56:50]
  • The word “perfect” [57:40]
  • Floris on a questionnaire from Ben and optimizing energy levels [58:38]
  • Getting in touch with Ben [01:00:08]
  • High level thoughts from Ben about training [01:01:55]
  • Racing goals? [01:06:02]
  • Following Ben online [01:10:10]

You can find me, Floris Gierman, here: 



  • SAMRAT GUPTA says:

    Hi Sir (Mr. Flo),
    I am Samrat Gupta from Calcutta, India, aged 48 years and I am a passionate distance runner.
    My PB in 10k is 40.34 min. and in Full Marathon is 3.22.25 hours at the age of 45.
    I want to run my full marathon in below 3 hours and 10 K in below 39 minutes.
    My current practice program is as below.
    Monday – Rest Day, Just do my full body message and light weight training
    Tuesday – Short repetition, i.e.- slow-fast, stride, 1 min slow – 1 min fast etc. Total = 4 to 5 miles including Warm U and Cool D
    Wednesday – Slow Pace Long Run = 4 to 6 miles. Ave. Pace = 7.45 to 8.00 Min / Mile
    Thursday – Slow Pace Long Run = 4 to 6 miles. Ave. Pace = 7.45 to 8.00 Min / Mile
    Friday – Fast Tempo or Bridge Practice [Up side – fast & down side – slow], = 4 to 6 miles. Tempo Pace = 6.45 to 7.15 Min / Mile
    Saturday – Very easy run or Rest Day. Just do my full body message and light weight training
    Sunday – Long Slow Run – 10 to 16 miles. Ave Pace – 8.00 to 8.30 Min / Mile.
    Total Weekly Mileage = 26 to 39 miles
    So please give me a valuable suggestion or valuable training chart that I can achieve my goal, i.e. Full Marathon in below 3 Hours and 10 K in below 39 Minutes.
    Wish your good health
    Lots of Love

  • Hi Samrat, exciting running goals ahead! This is exactly what we cover in our Personal Best Training Program. More info can be found at https://www.pbprogram.com/

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