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Massive Running Improvements with Todd Marentette | Extramilest Show #75

By October 18, 2023No Comments
Todd Marentette

“If you’ve got to push yourself out of the door, you might be pushing yourself a little bit too hard” – Todd Marentette

Todd Marentette is a 46 year old athlete from Ontaria, Canada. He went from 215lbs/113kg, to finishing 12 marathons.

We talk about what he learned in his training and racing journey, including some of his experiences with low heart rate training.

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Hope you enjoy this episode with Todd.

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Find out more about Todd here:

Instagram (@altramarathonman)

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Show Notes:

  • 00:00   Intro
  • 02:36   How Todd got into running
  • 06:33   Learning patience and looking after your feet!
  • 12:28   Fundamentals for non-elite runners, Todd’s routine.
  • 16:43   Challenges and benefits with low heart rate training
  • 20:45   First race day experiences
  • 25:50   Further training cycles and races, beat your average!
  • 28:19   What is your Why?
  • 30:45   Running all seasons in Ontario
  • 34:23   The perfect race morning
  • 36:24   Heart rate monitoring, watch tech and metrics.
  • 41:51   Base-building and adding in speed
  • 47:37   Running isn’t just running
  • 50:11   The role of recovery in training
  • 53:18   Keeping active while desk-working, beauty of the trails.
  • 56:22    Increasing volume of low intensity running
  • 1:01:41   Find out more about Todd
  • 1:02:13   What Todd learned through his running experiences.
  • 1:04:06   Closing thoughts, don’t be afraid to ask for help!
  • 1:07:10   Outro – about the PB Program

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