My Favorite Running Gear Review

By December 3, 2017 February 18th, 2020 2 Comments

My Favorite Running Gear Review

In the past few months a lot of runners have asked me what gear I use for road runs, trail runs and on race days! In today’s review video I’m taking a deep dive into my favorite running gear, and why I like these particular products and brands. Items that are being discussed include shorts, base liners, shirts, road shoes, trail shoes, race / speed shoes, socks, hats, watches, heart rate monitor, activity tracker and video camera.

Disclaimer, I’m not getting paid by any of these companies. I’m very particular about my running gear and these are my favorite running items I reviewed with links to the brand sites:

For some products you might occasionally find lower prices on other websites, like Amazon, etc, so I recommend doing your homework.

I hope you enjoyed this product review video. If you have any questions at all about the running gear discussed, let me know in the comments below. Thanks for watching and Happy Running!




  • Sebastian says:

    Hi Floris, thanks for your blog and youtube channel, they are inspiring and very helpful. I look forward to next blog posts and videos. Greetings Sebastian

  • Sarah Cummings says:

    This is great! Very useful. One thing missing is a jacket for running. I was looking to get a breathable rain jacket. Do you have any recommendations?

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