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Race Faster By Training Slower, with 2:49 Marathoner Astrid Feyer | Extramilest Show #55

By November 28, 2022May 20th, 2023No Comments
Astrid Feyer running London Marathon

“These doctors said ‘look, maybe you should just start cycling or just give up running’. That was the last thing I wanted to hear because I still wanted to be the runner, I still wanted to run. – Astrid Feyer

Astrid Feyer is a 47-year-old mother of two, currently living in Australia. She is also an exceptional Marathon runner. She has experienced her fair share of injuries and discovered MAF low heart rate training, as a way to ease back into training and gradually increase training volume. In 2020, she joined my Personal Best running coaching program and it has been really exciting to follow her running journey over the last few years.

At the recent London Marathon, Astrid ran a 2:49 finishing time which was a Personal Best and she was also able to achieve 3rd place in her age category.

In this interview we discuss being a working, busy Mother and getting the training volume in, about a running journey which comes full circle, through injury, MAF training and exceeds a long-held PB!

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I hope you enjoy my conversation with Astrid Feyer.

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Find Astrid Feyer here:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/astrid.f.rob…
Instagram: https://instagram.com/astrid42.2

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Show notes Astrid Feyer:

    • 0:00 Intro Astrid Feyer
    • 0:55 Intro Floris
    • 3:48 How it all started, running journey
    • 9:10 Stellenbosch (South Africa) run camp trip
    • 12:04 No pain no gain, knee operations
    • 13:12 Move to Australia, running and racing again
    • 18:14 Sub 3-hour marathon goal
    • 19:43 A back step, a new physio and a big yellow book
    • 22:02 Personal Best program, MAF training
    • 25:57 Back to racing, chasing sub 2:50
    • 31:52 Virtual London Marathon
    • 33:31 Marathon training and preparation
    • 37:47 MAF test
    • 39:49 Training volume and parenting
    • 42:54 London, for real!
    • 47:49 Meeting one of your heroes and other familiar faces
    • 50:22 Tips for runners
    • 51:12 New York Marathon
    • 52:59 Activities while injured
    • 54:52 Nutrition and high training volume
    • 56:31 Outro

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