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Running at a Super Bloom of Wildflowers in California

By March 22, 2019May 20th, 2023No Comments
running at the super bloom wild flowers

The record rainfall in California has turned many local mountains into a Super Bloom of wildflowers. Last week I dragged a few friends to the mountains to shoot some photos for our running apparel company PATH projects. Glad Eric and Hannah brought their drone to capture this beauty! No flowers were hurt in the making of this video. Below are a few photos of the shoot.

This is by far the most beautiful Super Bloom of wildflowers we have ever seen. The flower carpets with millions of poppies were an incredible background for our run. The bloom is still happening in many different locations across California and beyond. I can highly recommend you check it out. If you do end up going, be respectful and stay on the trails. Have fun out there! Cheers

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