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Running Diary about Marathon Training Challenges & Cross Training

By October 15, 2017April 14th, 202212 Comments

Hi guys, this week I’m going to test a new video format, in the form of a running diary. This includes my thoughts before, during and after my training runs, cross training and strength training. I’m going to share some of my training challenges, the good, the bad, the opportunities and the things I’m learning. Hopefully you can learn a few things along the way as well. The transcript of this video can be found below.

Question for you: What do you think about this video format? Would you like to see more of these videos? What other videos and subject would you like to see more of? Please let me know in the comments below! 


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First Run in 10 Days, So Nice to Be Running Again!

Saturday, October 7th, 2017 – I haven’t really worked out in a full week. My ear drum got punctured, I have a hole in it. I fell with my head flat on the water while surfing last week. Kind of out of it this week, out of balance, had a hard time hearing. So I took it very easy. Focused on sleep, focused on rest. Now after a full week off, going out for a slow little jog tonight. I don’t have another marathon race until April 2018, so I have plenty of time to get in shape. Therefore I’m going to slowly build up the miles again.

It’s a full moon, not sure if you can see it. That was a nice, mellow, 3 mile / 5km run. It’s funny how much better you can feel after just going out for a mellow run. I didn’t work out all week, both kids were sick with a fever. I had my own cold going on this week as well. That cold, in combination with my injured leg and my ear, I just really took it easy. I started feeling slow in my head and a bit down. Even now, just a short 3 mile / 5km run and your stress hormones / cortisol levels go down. Your Serotonin / Happiness Hormones increase, this is why I enjoy running. Finishing up a run and feeling all happy again. All my runs can be found on Strava, more about this app can he found in this article.

Slowing Down in Running Watching Animals in Nature!

Sunday, October 8th, 2017 

Floris: Hi Sadie, can you tell the camera where are we right now? 

Daughter Sadie: We are at the new house. 

Floris: Yes, we just received the keys to our new house! 

Sadie: Yehhh, we’re going to live here, but not right now! 

12:30pm – It’s nice out, good weather to go out for a run without a shirt on!  Get some extra Vitamin D going! I always start out with a few minutes of just walking, to get my heart rate up slowly. Normally my heart rate in rest is mid forties. Once I start walking and walking a bit faster, it will go up to 70 or 80 beats. From there on I will start jogging slowly. My leg is starting to feel better, it has been 2 weeks since my slam. The scabs are coming off, not sure if you can see it on this video. So my leg is pretty much better. The only thing that needs to get sorted out is my ear. My ear should get back to normal in the next few weeks.

Watching Animals in Nature!

Let’s start running, let’s do this! So lucky, it’s October and you can just go outside running without a shirt on. I always try to run against traffic. Even here on this road, there are no sidewalks or bike paths, so at least you see the cars coming, no surprises.

It’s always Hit or Miss running at the Back Bay with the high water. If it’s high tide from the Ocean water coming into the Back Bay, the running trail definitely gets very narrow… ohhh… I am stuck. Alright, we’ll go back. Back track a bit, I always like this trail, but it’s not working well today. This is such a fun trail, there is no one out here. Super mellow, there are a lot of birds flying, so I like to come here.

Nice 4 mile / 6.4km jog done and done! Felt really good. It’s so nice to go out there by the Back Bay. I live in Orange County, in Costa Mesa. Going to be here for another week, before we move to Irvine. It’s so nice to go out to your local running trail and see some of the wild life! I had a few Hawks come by pretty close, I was face to face with one within 10 feet (3 meters). Then I just stopped running, looked at the animal and just enjoyed the moment. It’s all about having fun out there. If you see something cool, be fully present and enjoy it! Nice 4 miler, that’s 7 miles / 11.3km for the week, not much at all, however I’m happy to be out there running again.

Home Remodeling for Strength Training

Monday, October 9th, 2017 – Here is a little cross training, a 2 mile / 3.2 km skateboard ride with my 4 year old daughter to drop her off at school. She weights 35 pounds / 16kg. Daddy is going to work at the new house.

Today I carried a lot of old flooring down the stairs and brought new flooring up. 50 times up and down the stairs carrying heavy flooring. My entire upper body and legs felt like a solid work out during and after. This helped me reach ten thousand foot steps for the day.

Does Go Karting count as Cross Training?

Wednesday, October 11th, 2017 – No running tonight, but Go Karting in Los Angeles. That sounds like great cross training, haha. It’s now 10pm, back in Costa Mesa. Tonight I was planning on going for a run, however I still have to catch up on emails, so no run again today.

Morning Runs to Start the Day out Right!

Thursday, October 12th, 2017 – Good morning, it’s 6:30am and the days are getting shorter! Today I have to go up to Los Angeles again for a conference. Busy days! Today I only have about 30 minutes to go for a run, that’s ok. Even a short run of 20 or 30 minutes will already kickstart your metabolism. Such a good way to wake up! Nice morning run, 3.6 miles / 5.8km in 30 minutes and 3 seconds. 8:17 min / mile (5:09 min / km) pace. Kept it nice and mellow, with a heart rate of 130 to 135 beats per minute. I’m not in any hurry, that’s was a great beginning of the day.

Alright I just got in a little car accident, I was hit from behind. I was driving on the 405 freeway, about 20 miles / 32km per hour. I did get a little jank on my neck. Hopefully everything is good. Typically you don’t feel these things until the next day. Tomorrow I will probably be a bit sore, so I’ll keep an eye out for it. After the accident we moved over to the side of the road, luckily the damage is pretty minimal. We exchanged insurance and now I’m on the road again.

MAF Heart Rate Training with Cooler Temperatures

Friday, October 13th, 2017 – Right now I’m waiting for my watch to get ready, it’s taking a little while. Yahhh, we are ready, let’s go!! It’s very nice that the temperatures are getting lower again, it makes running easier. 2 miles / 3.2 km in right now. I can actually run pretty fast right now with a decent heart rate. 7 min / mile (4:21 min / km) at a heart rate of low 140’s. Nice to get a few faster miles in. I’m at the backside of the Back Bay and there are no lights here except for the light on my phone. There is absolutely no one. Every now and then you hear a Coyote or another wild animal making some noise. That was a nice 5 miles / 8km, 2 miles warm up, then a few miles faster, still at a MAF heart rate of 145 beats per minute.

Final Thoughts

The miles are definitely very low this week, but that’s ok. There are a lot of other things happening at this point. Moving into a new place, remodeling, the car accident this week. I’m very happy that I don’t feel anything after the accident. It was minor, but I was still worried that I’d have some type of whiplash, glad all is good. There is a lot on my mind and I haven’t had enough time to meditate this week. I only meditated twice this week and then I already notice I have a bit more chaos going on in my mind. Then going outside for a run definitely feels very good.

This is just a test of a new video format. It is about how I train and what I run into daily, to give you a 360 view of my daily life, my training and my adjustments to training as well.

Question – I’m very curious to hear what you think of the new video format. Would you like to see more of these videos? Obviously there is going to be more running involved as I increase my training miles again soon. Or would you like to see other videos. Please let me know in the comments below!



  • bn100 says:

    was nice

  • Gregory Poole says:

    Really enjoyed the video format, thank you for capturing your weekly life, shows the reality behind training and living life with all its other commitments. Perhaps bring in the Strava videos onto the video themselves, to show the route? Would also be great to see how you try and plan your weeks with running training to understand your overall training cycle! Hope that helps!

  • Keith says:

    Enjoyed the video, I’ve qualified for Boston, my PB is 3:08, I’m interested in the maf method. I’ve attempted a sub 3 my last two Marathons and failed miserabley , have you any tips which could help, thanks

  • Michel says:

    I’ve never done a video diary before but I really liked the format of yours!

  • Cody Russell says:

    I think the video showed well man. But out of purely preference, I like reading and seeing other’s writing. There’s something relaxing reading about running. Your mind is also able to create the surroundings that you’re reading about. I love reading about guys/girls pushing the pace and their lungs burning or about the feeling of springy legs when climbing. Either way, we’ll done! Love your work.

  • Azeem says:

    I liked the video format! Would like to see much more

  • Stephanie Grant says:

    I actually really like the video format!

  • Brandon Sparks says:

    The video format is pretty darn good..

  • Bran C S says:

    I think the format isn’t bad at all. I quite enjoyed it. Thanks for letting us watch it.

  • Jill Jackson says:

    I like it, being able to look back would be encouraging to me and seeing where I am and where I was

  • I enjoy the ability to watch the path / route this way; gives it more of a natural feel.

  • Kelsey vinson says:

    It’s nice seeing these videos. You really get the full effect of the run. I enjoy it.

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