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Running for the right reasons with Larisa Dannis

By September 26, 2019April 14th, 2022One Comment
larisa dannis running no the trails

Larisa Elaine Dannis has a tremendous amount of running and racing experience. She was able to achieve things she never thought possible. From a 2:44 Boston Marathon finish, to a 5:59 50-mile finish and many ultra marathon wins and podium finishes.

She discovered MAF low heart rate training in 2012 which helped guide her training and racing smartly. Here is a 3 minute clip from our recent interview, she shares several ways to improve as a runner of all levels.

Full interview for The Extramilest Show will launch on Friday October 4th on my YouTube channel (Subscribe here) and on the podcast.

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One Comment

  • Csaba Burillak says:

    “Be patient. Sometimes our mind is farther ahead than our body.” – this seems repeatedly the best advice from experienced athletes.
    Having seen the results she achieved, just reassures that the speed component is not that important than improving the aerobic system.
    Another biggie: “Running for the right reasons.” Now, I am in the middle of a base building for a sub 3 marathon attempt next year. However, I have found recently that I fell in love with running trails and hills (mountains if I can). I bought running poles and I like them very much. I also plan that when I’ll start my training a couple of months before the marathon race for specificity reasons. But up until that for me it is much more enjoyable to run on the local trails compared to hitting concrete all the time just because I want to run a fast marathon.
    Thank you very much, Floris, looking forward to the full episode, too! :-)

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