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Running Injuries with Nate Helming from The Run Experience

By November 13, 2020No Comments
Nate Helming from The Run Experience standing by the beach

Most runners deal with injuries or discomfort at some point. Whether we talk about an IT band issue, knee issue, calf strain or achilles pain, many injuries do give early signals if we are honest with ourselves and learn to pay close attention.

Nate Helming from The Run Experience shares several great insights on running injuries, with a breakdown between accidents and overuse injuries. 

Your training volume and intensity can show the limits of your capacity from a mechanic standpoint and a stability / strength standpoint. 

We discuss runners stability, range of motion, rest and ice, stretching, joint movement, strength training, the squad and other flexibility tests. 

Full episode of Extramilest Show #41 will launch Friday November 20th.


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