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Strength Training For Runners – Q&A with coach Kyle Long and Floris Gierman

By March 3, 2024No Comments

In this conversation, strength coach Kyle Long and I discuss many strength topics, such as: when and how to perform the right strength training for runners, strategies for consistency with strength training, common mistakes with strength training that runners make, and much more…

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Hope you enjoy this episode with Kyle.

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Show Notes:

  • 00:00 Lack of Progression in Training
  • 01:00 Coach Kyle’s Intro
  • 02:08 Floris Intro
  • 02:55 Strategies for Strength Training
  • 06:09 Strength Training and Running same day
  • 10:02 Common mistakes Runners make when Strength Training
  • 12:06 How to warm-up for Strength Training
  • 14:23 Lifting heavy vs low weight high reps
  • 15:52 How long to rest in between sets
  • 17:08 Minimum equipment needed to Strength Train
  • 20:00 Weight vests for Running and Strength Training
  • 22:28 Moving or staying still while resting
  • 22:56 Knee issues in Runners
  • 23:37 Simple 10-15 minute workout for Runners
  • 29:51 How little can you Strength Train and still see results
  • 30:30 Hypertrophy training for Running
  • 32:50 Strength Training for a marathon vs mountain race
  • 36:16 Training with low back pain
  • 39:16 Core training for Runners
  • 42:20 Jump roping for Running
  • 43:17 Best stretching to do for Runners
  • 45:55 How many reps is high volume
  • 47:54 Kyle’s contact info
  • 48:28 Closing thoughts

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