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The Raw Truth of Running with Brendan Leonard | Extramilest Show #83

By May 24, 2024No Comments

“If I could sit around and eat pizza for the rest of my life and not die, I would do that because that’s fun, but I chose running.” – Brendan Leonard

Brendan Leonard is the creative force behind semi-rad.com, a website dedicated to the joy of adventure for runners of all levels.

Brendan loves to explore, to laugh and occasionally he likes to get tired, cold and a little bit scared through his ultra adventures. Brendan is an author of many books, including Ultra-Something, which we discuss during this conversation.

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Hope you enjoy this episode with Brendan.

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Show Notes:

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 02:44 A marathon to quit smoking
  • 05:50 More than a marathon??
  • 09:00 Signing up to first ultra 24 days before the event
  • 11:40 Ultra-Something.. how aspects of life apply to ultra-running
  • 13:38 If you see it, you can be it!
  • 17:46 I Hate Running and You Can Too..
  • 19:59 The Seven Summits of My Neighborhood (not prohibitively expensive)
  • 24:32 Advice for people going after ultra adventures
  • 25:46 Event creation
  • 33:06 Getting older and looking for new challenges
  • 38:09 I didn’t have the strength to quit (coping when the challenge gets real)
  • 44:10 If you’re feeling good, slow down. If you’re feeling bad, eat something.
  • 46:53 Brandon’s writing ethos
  • 52:18 Next ultra plans, couples adventure.
  • 56:46 Find out more about Brendan
  • 58:20 Closing thoughts
  • 1:01:17 Outro

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