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Trail Runner Nation – with Don Freeman and Scott Warr | Extramilest Show #61

By March 17, 2023May 20th, 2023No Comments
Trail runner nation Scott Warr and Don Freeman on the Western States Trail. Hosts of the Trail Runner Nation podcast.

In this episode I am in conversation with my friends Scott Warr and Don Freeman from the Trail Runner Nation podcast. TRN is one of trail running’s oldest and most downloaded podcasts, more than 600 episodes, sharing knowledge and advice with the trail running community. 

We discuss breaking down the barriers of entry to trail running and find out more about their own learnings over the years as recreational trail runners and podcast hosts.

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Enjoy my conversation with Scott and Don. 

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Show notesDon Freeman and Scott Warr interview:

    • 00:00 Intros
    • 03:56 Welcome Scott and Don! About Trail Runner Nation.
    • 08:22 Starting out running, transition to trail
    • 14:42 Early lessons in trail running
    • 21:39 Why people run mostly road vs trails
    • 23:12 Community
    • 29:02 Kids ‘n’ trails, “one is greater than none”
    • 30:11 Running gear & safety considerations
    • 34:18 Things you can’t run without…
    • 39:32 Running identity
    • 45:17 Small habits, motivation
    • 47:07 Commonalities between podcast episodes
    • 52:40 Recommendations for getting into trail running
    • 58:40 Don’s 200-milers
    • 1:06:35 Crewing
    • 1:08:48 Where to find Don and Scott
    • 1:09:30 Closing thoughts

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