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Transform Your Running with Lawrence Van Lingen | Extramilest Show #80

By December 31, 2023No Comments

This is my favorite podcast episode I recorded this year, if not ever… Lawrence Van Lingen is a running specialist from South Africa, who is gaining a lot of attention in the endurance space.

He has worked with elite athletes such as Jan Frodeno and Taylor Knibb. Lawrence is a close friend and he has helped improve my running and health in a variety of different ways. If you would like to learn more about Lawrence’s movement programs, check out www.innerunner.com

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Hope you enjoy this episode with Lawrence.

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Show Notes:

  • 00:00 Massive breakthrough in running
  • 02:50 Welcome Lawrence and thank you!
  • 04:01 Core values, moving from the centre out.
  • 06:17 Going from child to adult, are you the master of your movement? Running as a healing experience.
  • 13:34 Floris’ early encounters with Lawrence and implementing some teachings.
  • 16:59 Being the creator and author of your movement and your life.
  • 22:16 Working with the flow rope (but first, a note on ice baths)
  • 27:23 The softer breath and options opening up, as a result.
  • 28:11 Flow rope and movement, anatomical chains. Extend from the hip!
  • 33:28 Pushing your feet into the ground.
  • 36:22 The “one-and” drill for cadence.
  • 37:53 Improving form, being present, psycho-emotional factors in running.
  • 45:25 Running form indicators.
  • 49:16 When the going gets tough, “oh my word” moments.
  • 53:08 Helping Taylor Knibb (US Triathlete), neural tension.
  • 59:14 Innerunner resources
  • 1:02:10 Reframing and changing mindset, to change the way you run.
  • 1:04:39 Further triathlete training experiences. What’s the long game?
  • 1:07:37 Backwards walking; guidance, injury rehab and avoidance.
  • 1:13:38 Marianne Williamson’s poem, believing and accepting talent.
  • 1:18:56 How to master the Awesomiser
  • 1:21:49 Find out more about Lawrence
  • 1:21:27 Closing thoughts; feeling, creative expression, online presence.
  • 1:25:32 Outro​

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What was your favorite lesson, takeaway or quote from this episode? Please let me know in the YouTube comments.

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