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Want to run faster? Relax more…

By May 6, 2023July 17th, 2023One Comment
running relaxed

Today I want to share a strategy that has helped improve my running performance over the years.

Do you ever notice your mind being all over the place on a run?

Your mental state can directly influence your heart rate and physical performance.

On your next run, when your mind is scattered, try the following:

  • Be present, be here, now.
  • Focus on your breathing. For example, double inhale for 2 steps, single exhale for 2 steps, repeat.
  • Listen with your entire body. Discover a natural rhythm between your cadence and breathing pattern.
  • Run with ease, keeping your shoulders relaxed and low.
  • Run with an open heart, chest outwards.

This strategy also applies to the later stages of a race when most runners tense up and run with poor form!

Embracing relaxation and mindfulness during a run can have a significant impact on your running experience.

By being present, focusing on your breathing, and maintaining a relaxed form, you can tap into a flow state that not only improves your pace but also enhances your overall running experience.

An example of how I used this strategy on a recent run, can be found on my Strava HERE. At the same heart rate of 141, mile 14 was 16 seconds faster than mile 6.

Your thoughts have the power to shape your reality, and by consciously choosing to be present and at ease, you can unlock your full potential as a runner.

So, on your next run, allow relaxation to guide you towards a better and more enjoyable performance.

Have fun out there on your run.

Floris Gierman
PBprogram.com / PATHprojects.com
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One Comment

  • Dale says:

    this is Dale the 70 years old marthoner…YOUR site is so awesome consistently …THANKS!!!!!!!

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