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Wim Hof, “The Iceman” on Improving Performance

By December 18, 2018No Comments

“We are able to perform so much better if we are connected to the debt of the bio-chemistry” – Wim Hof


Today’s guest is the legendary “Iceman”, Wim Hof. He has accomplished a number of extraordinary achievements, including 26 Guinness World Records. He has trained a lot to control his breathing, heart rate and blood circulation and he can withstand extreme cold and hot temperatures. A few of his achievements: 

  • The world record for the longest ice bath for almost two hours. 
  • Swimming underneath the ice for 216 feet / 66 meters.
  • Climbing past the “death zone” altitude on Mount Everest (24,600 feet / 7,500 meters) wearing nothing but shorts. 
  • Running a full marathon in the Namib Desert without drinking.
  • The list goes on.
Enjoying an ice bath at Summit LA, guided by Wim Hof “Who let the dogs out”?! Photo: Michael Drummond

He has trained others to achieve the same effect, with minimal training. He teaches his Wim Hof Method to people all over the world, to control their bodies and achieve extraordinary things. This method consists of 3 pillars: Cold Exposure, Breathing Techniques and Mindset.

I have been using his approach with cold showers, ice baths, deep breathing and visualization for several years now and have noticed significant benefits. See my morning routine here.

In today’s episode we dive into many topics:

  • How can athletes improve their training and racing with the Wim Hof Method?
  • How to overcome big challenges, both physically and mentally?
  • How to override discomfort in different areas of your life.
  • Ways to improve your connection between your body and mind? 
  • Importance of self talk and visualization 
  • Getting blood flow to deeper parts of the brain
  • And much more! 

I really enjoyed this conversation and I’m excited to introduce you to my fellow Dutch man, Wim Hof.

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  • What the Wim Hof Method is and how people can benefit from it [3:45]
  • The 3 Pilars of the Wim Hof Method: Cold Exposure, Breathing Techniques and Mindset [05:53]
  • How to enhance performance when you think you have reached the ceiling [06:50]
  • Pilar #1 – the health benefits of natural cold exposure [07:00]
  • Using cold exposure to optimize your vascular system which lowers your resting heart rate [08:46]
  • Best strategy to gradually get started with cold exposure in 10 days [09:57]
  • Super compensation can be used to train your muscles, but also to get used to cold exposure [10:26]
  • How to combat the killer number one in the West, cardiovascular decease related [11:28] 
  • Pilar #2 – the breathing techniques to train the vascular system [12:05]
  • How Scientific Studies showed the Wim Hof Method can influence the Lymphatic System  [12:48] 
  • How deep breathing can help alkaline your muscles to the right PH-levels in just 4 minutes [14:04] 
  • Pilar #3 – mindset to influence the physiology [14:20] 
  • How we are able to regulate our bio-chemistry [16:35]  
  • How Wim has been able to overcome enormous challenges to set 21 Guinness World Records [17:23]
  • Confidence you build up by connecting with your body and experimenting [17:33]
  • The Scientific study that showed Wim was the first person ever to fend off bacteria within 15 minutes, because of a deep connection with the immune system. Thought of not possibly by humans. [18:56]
  • Wim’s World Records  [19:58]
  • How Wim took a group of people with cancer, arthritis, asthma, etc up Mt Kilimanjaro (18k feet) wearing shorts [21:11]
  • Floris’ personal experience with deep breathing, ice baths and visualization [24:09]
  • Why so many people are sick and depressed and what to do about it? [25:24]
  • How to accomplish what you put your mind to? [30:15]
  • Getting blood flow to deeper parts of the brain to get in touch with your emotions [30:45]
  • Why taking a cold shower in the morning will give you so much more energy [32:46]
  • Natural alternatives to taking medication by default [35:20]
  • How athletes can better adopt to hot and cold temperatures to perform better in training and racing [36:20]
  • Deep breathing to help endurance athletes at the further stages of a race [38:20] 
  • Combatting altitude sickness, headaches and nausea by taking in more breath than you think you need [39.48]
  • The 3 marathons that Wim ran, one in the desert, one behind the Polar Circle, one on Mt Everest at 15k feet barefoot [40:58]
  • How does Wim override discomfort?   
  • Wim’s thoughts on strength training and stretching [43:47]
  • Wim Hof Workshops around the world [46:08]
  • The book Becoming the Ice Man [47:12]



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