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Zach Bitter on Nutrition, Ketosis and Carbs

By September 5, 2019May 20th, 2023No Comments
zach bitter running on a track

Zach Bitter (Strava | IG | Twitter) is an absolute fat burning machine and I was thrilled to interview Zach for The Extramilest Show.

Zach’s nutritional approach in training is based on high fat low carbs, with protein also being a pretty big foundation. He uses carbs as a tool to hit the gas when needed.

Recently set the new 100-mile (161km) run World Record in 11 hours and 19 minutes. He averaged 6:48 min / mile = 4:13 min / km and beat the previous work record by 9 minutes! That’s about four sub 3 hour marathons in a row!! 

In the past 10 years he ran more than 50,000 miles = 80,467km. Using performance as his compass, he has found that ketosis during some stages, with a periodized carbohydrates approach works well for him.

Find out how Zach decided how many carbs to take in during different stages of training.  

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