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Many runners dream of running a Personal Record, a Sub 5 Hour Marathon, Sub 4, Sub 3 or Boston Qualifier.

Many athletes don’t know how to structure their training in a way that works for their specific lifestyle.

So many runners have been stuck in training without progress, they often experiencing injuries that set them back.

Some have heard of low heart rate training, but might not know how to integrate this the right way in their training plan for race day.

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Hi, I’m Floris Gierman, founder of the Extramilest website, Youtube and podcast.

I improved my marathon time from 4 hours 11 minutes to a 2 hours 44 minutes at the Boston Marathon.

My first race was a horrible experience and I hit the wall around mile 18 (29km). In hindsight, I didn’t train right, many of my runs were at high intensity and I often felt drained after every workout. My nutrition was all over the place and I had no strategy for race day, starting out way too fast.

Once I discovered Dr. Phil Maffetone, MAF low heart rate training and cutting out sugars and refined carbs, I started seeing fast improvements.

Things I noticed:

• I started enjoying all my runs, looking forward to the next
• I felt like I could continue running – a feeling I had never experienced before
• Stayed running injury free. Fast recovery after my runs, even at higher training volume
• My paces were getting faster at the same effort level, almost every month
• It was such a great feeling to run at a pretty fast pace and feeling relaxed and in control
• My body felt in sync, I have never felt better, the planets all aligned
• I lost a significant amount of weight and felt great
• In the next race I felt much stronger and suffered much less
• I ran a PR of 76 minutes, improving from 4:11 down to 2:55 on my next marathon

For the past 8 years I’ve written about running and made videos about it, with a million views on my channels so far. It brings me a lot of joy to read success stories from runners all around the world.

Despite many runners experiencing improvements with low heart rate training, I often receive the same questions:

  • “Do you have a specific training program I can follow?”
  • “How should I structure my base building and marathon specific workouts? “
  • “I want to run Sub 3 but I am nervous about losing speed by running at lower HR. Need clarification of exact speed workout details.”
  • “I tried low HR training, but have to run so slow or take walk breaks to stay within my heart rate zones.”
  • “It’s very challenging to run when it’s hot and humid for long periods where I live.”
  • “I have a dream to qualify for the Boston Marathon but can’t imagine racing any faster and holding a specific pace for that long, for example 6:51 min / mile or 4:15 min / km.”

Others struggle with the right nutritional approach and losing weight:

  • “I want to run a fast marathon but don’t know how to eat right for Marathon Training. What detailed diet plan should I follow?”
  • “It takes a lot of dedication and willpower to lose weight, how to do it to become a faster athlete?”
  • “I am struggling to figure out the best way to hydrate and get in calories / sugars during the race.”

I am often asked if I can coach runners to reach their marathon goals.

Instead of one-on-one coaching, I have developed an extensive video course that provides more info and value than I could with one-on-one coaching, called the Marathon PR Program.

What you get with the courseThis is a holistic approach to marathon training, running smarter, not harder. It focuses on the 5 following elements for optimal performance:

I’m very excited to introduce the Marathon Personal Record Program

A flexible and structured program to become a stronger, healthier and happier athlete.

What a few of our members are saying:

Here is an example of what you will learn:

why marathon runners fail

Why many marathon runners fail

Yes you can training smarter, not harder

low heart rate training

Low heart rate training in detail

how much to train

How much should you train to reach your goals?

training plan

Mapping out your specific training plan


How to fit speedwork into your training schedule

hot and humid runs

HR Training on hot and humid days

race strategies

My 3 race strategies to run a personal best

your mindset

Mindsets every high performing athlete has

wins and loses

My biggest running wins and losses


The psychology behind patience in training

holidng kale

My grocery list. Shop healthy and you will eat healthy


3 of my weekly go-to-meals

fasting runs

Integrating fasted runs in your training

gear photo

Race day preparations

strong finishers

What strong finishers have in common

calculating forumula

Calculating your HR training zones the right way

improve sleep

Ways to improve your sleep

running watches

The running watch settings you need to know

How to hold a specific marathon pace longer

hitting a wall

How to avoid hitting the wall in a marathon

race pace

What HR and pace should you race at?

kettle bell

Strength, mobility and cross training

workout drills

My favorite workout drills

race day nutrition

Dialing in your race day nutrition

sub 3 plan

Sub 3 Hour Marathon Schedule

sub 3:30 plan

Sub 3:30 Hour Marathon Schedule

sub 4 plan

Sub 4 Hour Marathon Schedule

Sub 5 Marathon Training Schedule

Sub 5 Hour Marathon Schedule

finishing marathon plan

Finishing Your Marathon Schedule


Here is what you’ll get if you join the Marathon PR Program:

  • 35 Training videos, more than 8 hours of new videos. You will get lifetime access to all the course materials, so you can access the course anytime. Every video in this course gives you powerful tools to apply to your own training and racing..
  • Transcripts with text and graphics of all videos. Download and print any of the video transcripts.
  • 5 Base building training schedules. Downloadable, editable and flexible. From beginner to advanced.
  • 5 Marathon training schedules. Downloadable, editable and flexible. For specific finish goals, such as first-time marathoners, those looking to improve their marathon times, athletes wanting to qualify for the Boston Marathon, run Sub 5, Sub 4, Sub 3:30 and Sub 3.
  • Access to our private Facebook and Strava communities. Connect with me (Floris Gierman), several Extramilest podcast guests and other runners in the program to support, ask questions and learn from each other
  • BONUS 1 – Training progress tracker worksheets. Easy ways to measure how you are improving over time.
  • BONUS 2 – Access to 5 Zoom Group Coaching Calls. Great way to ask Floris + others in the program any questions, support and learn from each other.
  • BONUS 3 – Three new recorded videos “How to Adjust Training and Racing Plans in Uncertain Times”

That is an insane value! 

What you get with the courseMore topics from this course:

• Heart rate & pacing strategies to run a strong race
• What to do when you’re not progressing in training
• Getting the most out of your GPS running watch
• Measuring progress in your training in 3 ways
• How to handle setbacks in training
• How to build health for life
• Increase your chances to recover well
• Measuring progress, stress and fatigue levels
• How to change your nutrition and stick with it
• Structuring your training right
• Base building, volume in time vs miles
• Why it’s OK to skip a training day
• Avoiding injuries
• Mobility & Strength Training
• High performers mindsets for training and racing
• Marathon race day preparation
• Pre-race strategies
• Race strategies and execution
• Post-race strategies for a healthy recovery
• Training schedule for Goal: “Finish a marathon”
• Training schedule for Goal: “Sub 5 Hour marathon”
• Training schedule for Goal: “Sub 4 Hour marathon”
• Training schedule for Goal: “Sub 3:30 Hour marathon”
• Training schedule for Goal: “Sub 3 Hour marathon”

Plus there are many more additional topics and ideas shared throughout this course.


Marathon PR Community

facebook group

We have created a new Facebook Private Community + Strava Private Community for Marathon PR Course members only. There is a ton of value in sharing experiences with serious athletes looking to improve with the same tools. This is a great group of runners from all over the world, ready to support each other on their running journeys.

What convinced me most about the Marathon PR Program is its flexibility. One is fully free to chose his way and learning progress best for himself. I am so glad to be a member of the PR Program groups on Strava and on Facebook. I’m feeling as though I am not alone on my way. It is just motivating to have other runners to support me. When getting stuck, the possibility to exchange with Floris or other amazing runners in the group is invaluable.

Walter Liniger, Switzerland, 68 years oldMarathon PR Program Member

Definitely as a 50-year-old mom that works full time and is trying to improve my fitness level you've helped me tremendously. I think anybody could benefit. I've seen the elite, the faster guys and girls on your page improve with it. I follow a lot of them on Strava. People like me a back of a packer old lady can benefit. I think absolutely anybody could.

Tina Osborne, USA, 50 years oldMarathon PR Program Member

After you introduced me to the program, I'm going to be frank with you. It was enlightening because I was skeptical at first. I was not sure what I'm going to discover. All along, I was watching the videos, seeing you replying on the comments of people asking questions. I was taking bits and pieces and just putting all the pieces together in the puzzle. It was like, "Okay. This is what I wanted".

Wissam Kheir, Lebanon, 39 years oldAiming for a 2:45 marathon

I've really found that this program has been the most complete in terms of a holistic approach to running, to living. It takes a look at training, nutrition, diet, sleep, and all those other things that go into play when it comes down to being a healthy athlete and being ready for your competition.

Amelia Vrabel, USA, 44 years oldMarathon PR Program Member + Chi Running Instructor

I was able to shave off around two minutes plus per minute in three-four months time, I'm able to shave off that much time at the same heart rate. It's a very good thing. The feeling is incredible, I'm not able to explain that. Basically, we are learning to be our own master, what is best for us, prescriptions are there, solutions are there, the active community is there.

Sanjeev Sajjan, IndiaMarathon PR Program Member


“When can I access all course material?”

Right away! All course videos and training schedules are available right after purchase plus you can immediately request access to the Marathon PB Facebook Group + Strava group.

“How can a course with videos offer me a training plan that is really customized and individualized?”

The program will include a flexible base building period of 3 months, depending on progress can be longer. After the aerobic base building period has been completed, there are 5 training schedules of 16 weeks with the goals Sub 5 hour marathon, Sub 4, Sub 3:30, Sub 3 and Finish marathon. These are editable worksheets, so I’ll provide the template, then athletes can move the workouts around and adjust frequency and duration based on available time to train, stress levels, fitness levels and fatigue levels. Workouts are mostly in time (minutes), not distance (miles / km).

“Do I need to own any equipment?”

To get the most out of this program, we highly recommend that you own or buy a GPS running watch and heart rate monitor since several of the videos refer to heart rate training.

“What measuring system is used, metric or imperial?”

I’ve tried my best to include both imperial and metric measuring systems for measurements, so paces and distances are described most of the time in miles and kilometers.

“How is this course different than other video courses or traditional marathon coaching?”

This course is focused on a holistic approach to marathon training and racing. Not just looking at the running component, but also teaching you to fully understand the other components of nutrition, lowering stress, having the right mindset and the best race day strategies. This course is focused on running most workouts at a low heart rate, with some added higher intensity workouts, drills, cross-training and strength training integrated.

Many traditional marathon coaching programs prescribe certain paces for each run. The workouts during this program are more flexible and customizable to day to day life stress, current fitness and health profiles, available time to train. No need to kill yourself in training with many high-intensity workouts to reach your goal. This video course teaches you a more enjoyable approach with a very high success rate of thousands of athletes with success around the world.

“Dr. Maffetone doesn’t offer training plans, because each athlete is unique. How can you offer this?”

I fully agree that each athlete should learn to listen to their body and adjust training plans accordingly to stress levels and life circumstances. I do however see that many athletes can experience from specific training plan templates that can be modified to fit in their specific situation, based on available time, stress levels, race goals, fitness levels, etc. Combining this with the right mindset and clear race strategies based on HR and pace, and you have a strong formula for success.

“How long are the training schedules?”

This program includes the base building phase of 3 months (that can be adjusted based) plus the main 16-week training cycle. The two goals here are to improve aerobically and peak at the right time before your specific goal. Remember, it’s a long game strategy. When you’re able to think further ahead with both a base building.

I fully believe every training schedule should be personalized to your race goals, fitness background, available time to train and life circumstances.

I will be providing the tools and templates for training schedules for:

• Finish marathon goal
• Sub 5 hour marathon goal
• Sub 4 hour marathon goal
• 3:30 marathon goal
• Sub 3 hour marathon goal

I often hear things like “I want to run Sub 3 but I am nervous about losing speed by running at lower HR. I need clarification of exact speed workout details.”

For all 5 marathon goals, I will be providing speed workout details for the different stages of training and fitness levels.

“Will every athlete succeed and reach their marathon goals?”

To be honest, no. Running a Personal Best in a marathon requires some luck with things lining up for you and race day weather conditions. But I believe we all play with the cards we’re dealt, and with the right training framework and racing strategies, we can give ourselves every advantage to increase chances to reach our goals.

Every training cycle and race teaches us something new. Even if we don’t reach our race goal first try, it will help us grow as a stronger, healthier, happier athlete. When you have an open mind, train consistent and patiently, this course can absolutely help improve your chances to reach your goals.

I have created a lot of content already and it’s great to read a lot of positive feedback and PR stories from around the world.

For those looking for additional guidance, I’m convinced this video course can provide you with a lot of tools to increase your chances to reach your goals.

Try THE MARATHON PR PROGRAM for 60 days, risk-free!

60 days guarantee

There are a lot of great materials in this course and I want to make sure this program is really working for you. From the moment of purchasing this Marathon PR Program, I want to give you 60 days to let it sink in and start using the training materials on your runs and in your daily life. Try the entire course. If you don’t love it, I insist that you get 100% of your money back. So you can join the program and try it for yourself. If the exercises, strategies and mindsets don’t help improve your training and overall health within 60 days, I want you to email me. Show me you did the exercises, and I’ll give you all your money back.

We have a lot of confidence in the quality of this training program.

You have absolutely nothing to lose here, and have everything to gain!

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One more great memory I want to share

When I qualified for the Boston Marathon, I knew I wanted to do everything I could to run the best race given my life circumstances and really enjoy the race.

Many runners had explained to my the high energy at this race and how spectacular this race really is.

The days leading up to this race, the weather started looking worse and worse, with a 30 miles (48km) per hour headwind.

The day of the race, the weather was indeed very challenging and many athletes around me were complaining, in a negative mindset, saying how much slower this race was going to be.

Because I had trained very well, both physically and mentally, I felt calm and in control. I had my race plan based on heart rate and feel, and planned to run the best I could given the challenging race conditions.

While others started out fast, I held back at the beginning of the race, running at a controlled effort level, knowing I needed to save my energy for the last stages of the race.

The wind and rain was very strong, my focus was on preserving energy, so we ran in small groups, drifting on each other.

Heartbreak Hill at mile 20 (32km) is a famous hill where a lot of runners get in trouble and hit the wall. I ran up the hill very comfortable, when my HR would go to high, I’d slow down in line with my plan. Many runners were walking, unable to keep up their fast pace. I ran to the top of the hill and said to a runner next to me, “Was that it? Was that the hill every runner has been fearing?”

I couldn’t believe how good I felt, even with these poor race conditions, I had to work for it, but was enjoying every step of the course. Mile 25 (40.2km) came around, the million+ spectators and bands were so loud. This in return gave me even more energy. I started getting emotional, what an amazing race I was running.

The finish line came in sight. I picked up the pace and wanted to give it one last push as I passed runners left and right.

When I crossed the finish line, I saw my race time, 2:44:15. A personal record/best by 9 minutes, even in the most challenging conditions. It was an amazing race experience!

Running a Marathon PR doesn’t have to be painful or frustrating, it can be a very enjoyable process.
Today, I would like you to help guide you on your journey and help reach your running dream goals!

$249.00Buy now

If you have any questions about the course, please email us:
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