MAF Test Tracker to Measure Aerobic Progress with Heart Rate Training

By January 4, 2019 3 Comments

Recently a few members of our Extramilest Facebook group have suggested a shared Google Doc where anyone can upload MAF test data. The goals of this tracker are:

  1. measure your own aerobic progress in your MAF training
  2. see aerobic progress from other athletes around the world
  3. have discussions about HR training, MAF tests, frustrations, progress, etc in the Extramilest Facebook Group
  4. encourage you to run MAF tests more consistently, around once a month
Here is an example of my last 3 MAF tests filled out in the MAF Tracker. Full details on my Strava.

How the MAF test tracker works: 

  1. At the bottom of this shared Google Document, right click on a tab, rename from “Athlete Name + Number” to your own name
  2. Fill out your MAF test date + details
  3. To find other athletes in Alphabetical order, click the ‘4-stripes-symbol’ on the left bottom
  4. Only change your own tab, please don’t modify other tabs
  5. If you have any questions, ask the Extramilest Community

** please note, I didn’t sync auto conversion from Miles to Kilometers / vice versa, so fill out either the Miles or Km tracker

This is a first attempt of the shared MAF test tracker, I tried to keep it as simple as possible, as a community we can keep improving it. If you have any feedback for improvements to the form, let us know. Thanks!

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  • the peter says:

    it seems pretty basic for now but i like the idea. it has some potential.
    strange indeed that no tools exist.
    maybe charts can be added later?
    i like these: https://gonefora.run/does-maf-training-work
    but maybe there are even better ones

    maybe later it could even extract from strava automatically by linking the account 🙂

  • Flo says:

    Hi Peter, good feedback. Yes, this was just a basic one to get it going. I like your charting and auto feed from Strava. Some of the details like sleep, weather will still need to be manually added, but I like the concept. Thanks! Flo

  • Johan says:

    Hi Flo!

    I’m superhappy you share this excel-document and I found a group of people who wants to do the MAF-method. I was alone before but now I’m with you guys.
    One questions, you wrote “speedwork helped”, at the 3rd month. Can you explain? I though MAF didn’t include anything else..it would be good on it’s own.


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