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Transform your runs, join a running crew, with Liam Lonsdale | Extramilest Show #78

By December 2, 2023No Comments

“Do more of what feels good.” – Liam Lonsdale

Liam Lonsdale is a professional photographer, trail runner and father of 2 young kids. He is sponsored by brands like Speedland footwear and PATH projects and we’ve been on several photo and video shoots together.

He is one of the main guys behind The Bandits, a running crew in Oakland, California. We talk about advise for runners looking to connect more with others, how to find a running group near you, or how to start one.

We cover running equipment, overcoming challenges in training, racing and life.

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Hope you enjoy this episode with Liam.

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Show Notes:

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 02:41 Welcome Liam!
  • 03:35 Bay Bandits run crew, spreading the trail love!
  • 05:14 Finding the right running group for you.
  • 14:44 Running and mental well-being.
  • 16:47 Developing a running shoe (and shirt!), spirit of collaboration.
  • 19:44 More on trail shoes and other running gear.
  • 33:49 Little wins vs big crazy goals, coping with injury.
  • 39:43 Advice for runners to improve, including your ups & downs (hills)
  • 47:22 Transitioning from road to trail, slowing down or stopping.
  • 50:04 Meditation, breathwork and mindfulness of the body.
  • 58:13 Where to find out more about Liam.
  • 59:03 Closing thoughts.
  • 1:00:11 Outro

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